T. Parris began his life in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY. At the young age of 3, he moved to Harlem where he was raised by a remarkable combination of his grandmother (his greatest inspiration), the mean streets of Harlem, and his dad, when time and circumstances permitted. His other influences include such diverse minds as Marvin Gaye, Nas, Magic Johnson, Malcolm X, Dr. King and Tupac Shakur. […] It becomes clear that T. Parris is definitely among the top lyricist in the game.
Lyrics like these lead one to believe that Parris is not only a writer but also a revolutionary and a trailblazer – a pioneer. However, it is his actions that solidify him as an activist, constantly giving back to the community. Who was the last MC you know to graduate with a Master’s degree, encounter a felony, and still find the passion to deliver countless inspirational songs?
To some he is the Rakim of his era, to others he is the Langston Hughes of his genre – either comparison leads one to believe that T. Parris is a great look for hip-hop music and definitely a breath of fresh air.

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