Darrin Mclaren

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International Hip-Hop/Rap artist, Darrin Mclaren, cannon’s from the inner-city of Detroit. Mclaren has currently released new project (G.O.T- Winter is Coming) via Europe. Inspired by HBO’s Game of Thrones, this material chronicles his current journey to be the best international artist in the world! Diverse, unique, and authentically passionate, Mclaren’s music captures the human experience and quest for greatness. Standing at 6’9, McLaren easily separates himself in stage presence, performance, and interviews! He has the confidence and energy to secure the attention of every audience member! Darrin has already gained the international exposure by recording and performing with the worlds top artists! Its only recently that he became more affluent with the American scene by working with BET and MTV networks! Follow Darrin Mclaren’s rise to the throne #dmc313.