Damebo Baby


#HHB Artists

Straight Outta The Bay Area!! Its Damebo Baby! Fell in love with the art of writing and recording music in the 6th grade with a good friend of mine (C-nett). Music is something that allows me to reach out and build new relationships with people who have the same love for music that i do. Growing up we didnt have it the worst but we didnt have it the best either. When you come from not too much of anything , you have to find a way by making a way. As some of us know the streets never lose, right? Right. I was in those streets trying to make things happen after dropping out of high school  but things werent working for me. I was lost and had to go through different obstacles to realize i had to bounce back. I wouldnt change anything i went through, because i wouldnt know what i know now if i didnt. Faced death a few times, been locked up for a short stay, been homeless, but someone out there has still had it worse. I’m blessed man. Shoutout to my son you give me life. Shoutout to my team and my loved ones. Its damebo Baby rock with me and Dj LSM as we get ready for this journey on the « Foreign Exchange »  Mixtape. #TeamDameboBaby