[Article] “The Easy Truth” by Tay Dayne #HHBNY

Peace HHBNY!

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Skyzoo and discuss his new ventures, thoughts on Hip-Hop in 2017, and growing up in Brooklyn, NY. Before the full interview drops I decided to break down my 3 favorite tracks off the “The Easy Truth” album produced by Apollo Brown.


#1 *A couple dollars* Just need a couple dollars! Two of NYs nicest with words and story telling breaking down the paper chase. The beat cymals in leading to a fly string line and vinyl hiss. This joint has a nice bounce but is also smooth and mellow. (Apollo Brown my G!). Skyzoo comes in straight forward:

« Talking major key let it cut you out a case/Tryna run the city til they run you out of state »

« Carpe diem Carpe diem”

This song first reminded me of the hustle; chasing a dollar to flip a dollar. NY is known for going out and getting it and these two NY emcees brought that feel to this record perfectly. I also hear a song about the road of success; Being in a situation and doing what you have to do to level up, whether that be in music, a street hustle, in life, etc. Of course all successes bring dangers and in the end, long gevity is what’s most important. Overall there’s the feel that both these men have chosen music as their truest hustle and truest passion. Joell Ortiz continued these themes: « As a younging had alot on my plate/I aint gonna complain just had alot on my plate »

« Swerving undercovers had it local had it ot/Whipping the P.O.T tryna get to the T.O.P” SMOOOVE!

And later his move to music: « Dropped it all/be the bird locked in the coup/or take your talent more serious and lock in that booth/I chose the ladder..” The popcorn reference and the wordplay on the dope sequence sheesh! Dope. Just go play that.


#2 *One in the Same* ft Patty Crash This is my favorite song on the album! I fell in love with Patty Crash when I heard her on « The Roots – Never ». The vibe she brings to a record is ill (Call me Patty). Outside of that I have to say off the back the lyrics on this record are strong! Side to side with the drums its easy to listen to back to back. The melody, the flow, all together this is a dope record. I played this back 3 times before I stopped to write this. The theme of making it happen is apparent here. The strive for greatness with the time you have.

« My pops said timing is money aint it/I prayed over my watch and promised I wouldn’t waste it » Skyzoo breezes over this boom bap style production with not only fly flows but thoughtful wordplay.

« Money loud like the only way we can live is blatant/until they muffle the crowd and then they get complacent » That made me think of how overly flashy Hip-Hop is (just my first thought) « Never saw the back of a cop car/but saw the back of a cop soul with his glock drawn/saw the souls hop out of the women I hopped on… » Good God!

At this point I almost rocked my head off my shoulders. This continues for the rest of the record, later finishing up with Patty Crash on the hook. One of my favorite things about Skyzoo is how cool and collected his delivery comes off each record. Hot bars and cool flows is something Rakim, Jay Z & Nas (to name three off the top of my head) brought to their records. Its something he’s well known for as well. I could talk about this record longer but I rather be listening to it. I’m looking forward to hearing more this year. Other favorites: « Rappers doing alot ugly tie shopping in June » This bar hit me too… « My mothers biggest fear was me coming home with a P.O/So I never came home with one » Another DOPE record. There go that word again…


#3 *Spoils to the Victor* I could break down why this is one of my favorites but, let him tell it.


Tay Dayne – IG @GuruMorahLTY/Twitter @LiveThruYours

@HHBNewYork @HipHopBreath




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