When you say your from Queens in hip-hop, it means a lot. With no discredit to the other boroughs, Queens NY has bred and raised many influential and powerful people in the hip-hop game. The streets of Queens are often over looked as « Hood » because of it’s grass filled yards, and the houses in the surrounding neighborhoods. But the reality of it is; certain cases growing up in Queens, NY is hardly the white picket fences with a dog people depict it to be. Facing the harsh realities of poverty, drugs, murders, gang violence, police brutalities, and many other trials and tribulations that can effect any streets in any other part of the world.In these dealings hip-hop has offered our youth an outlet to express there feelings about certain situations, through their own perception and perspectives. The streets of Queens, NY definitely needs a new voice to tell their story in a new perspective, and all ears are on M.C. and producer « Will Sullivan ».


      Deeply Influenced by his up bringing and surroundings in Queens, NY, Sullivan tells a story of gritty city boy trying to make a better life for his family and friends through his talents. « Will Sullivan » born William Thomas III by William Thomas Jr. his father, a musical arranger and musician. Will has been creating drum patterns using drum boxes his father passed down to him by the age of seven. A natural born musician, Sullivan grew up in the Far Rockaway area of the Q-Boro in the late eighties. Growing up, Will and his family moved around often to different neighborhoods in Queens, through his travels he accrued many different styles and also built strong relationships that would prove to be a great asset later on in his journey to be heard and exposed to the masses.

     Fast forward, by the time he was a late teen « Will Sullivan » had found his way into Daddy’s House Studios (P-Diddy’s studio) tracking out beats for the likes of Marc Curry, Craig Mack, Loon, and his production also made placement on Shyne’s sophomore album on a track entitled « Martyr ». In between working out of Daddy’s House and creating his on productions/beats he devoted equal time to develop his flow and lyrics. Dropping multiple mix-tapes he was able to promote himself as a M.C. as well as promote his production. He is considered to be a double edged sword for his multiple talents. Proving his weaponry with slick aggressive flows over quality production he has been quoted as being « a gangsta Kanye West » by the Mix-tape General/Brick squad Monopoly’s own DJ Love Deniro.

     Driven by success with an entrepreneur’s mentality, « Will Sullivan » incorporated his own company and brand « Catacomb Music Inc. ». Catacomb meaning underground vault for treasure, which metaphorically speaking describes the young M.C’s persona and music. With no looking back Sullivan and his team are working diligently on getting the music, he describes as hidden treasures, to the true music lovers/fans that will appreciates this diamond in the rough. Be sure to check out Will Sullivan’s past and present projects, as well as collection of videos and interviews.

Will Sullivan

Production & Features 

Production Placement on Former Bad Boy & Def Jam Artist Shyne on a track entitled « Martyr », which received a Hip Hop Quotable Has worked with various artist’s such as; Shyne (former Bad Boy & Def Jam recording artist), Craig Mack (former Bad Boy recording artist), Loon (former Bad Boy recording artist), Mark Curry (former Bad Boy recording artist), Tony Yayo (G-Unit recording artists), Johnny Blanco (Independent artist), Tf Mafia (Independent artists), Imam Thug (Independent artist), Big Law (CTM Music Group/Heatmakers artist), Mic Geronimo (Former Blunt Records/TVT artist), Topadalyne (Independent artist), O.X L-Gang (Former Selfish Music Group & Independent artist),  Fred the Godson, Precious Paris, Royal Flush, Keon Bryce, Mic Geronimo, Panama P.I., Topadalyne, Black Holiday, Tone Yates, Leadgeon https://www.instagram.com/willsullybeats/

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