What made NYMI write this song?? Bout a year ago he was on facebook and came across a video on his timeline with a baby girl, her mom where they both had they’re heads shaved. Turned out that the daughter was diagnosed with cancer & didn’t understand why all the other kids had hair and she didn’t… so her mom shaved her hair also to make her feel accepted into society. Then a few months ago a very close friend of his called from jail and told him he went to the doctor and found out he has stage 2 cancer. NYMI told him WE have stage 2 cancer!! & don’t ever for 1 second believe that your in this fight alone. Just remember no matter what your going through there is ALWAYS a situation worse! NYMI give special thanks & shout outs to his bro Amram Ami for killing the hook and bringing this song the light it deserves, he also credits brothers Dominick Pugliese and Joseph DelGaizo for producing this record, tune.womd for directing and editing this visual, & last but not least Adalia Rose for being such a wonder woman behind the inspiration to make this song!! This video is not only to help raise awareness for all forms of cancer, but to also promote health and well being! Hope u all enjoy the video. If u can relate please share. You can download the song off my latest project THE REHEAT available on datpiff! Once again thank u all for your patience. American Cancer Society Stupid Cancer Cancer.Net Cancer Support CommunityCancerCare Prospect Park Breast Cancer Walk Cancer Research InstituteMaking Strides Against Breast Cancer of Brooklyn, NY Cancer and Careers


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