[INTERVIEW] Who is @SiddyStreetz ?


1. Where did your name originate from?

Well my nickname is Siddy and before going as Siddy Streetz I was calling myself Shi’Enne Alexander (where that came from IDK lol). My homeboy always called me Streetz so being a Femcee from the city i thought Siddy Streetz & ran with it.
2. At what age did you start writing & why?
I started writing in the 7th grade to express myself. I remember the first rhyme I wrote was to J-Kwons tipsy which was a real popular song back then.
3. Where do u get your song concepts from?
My song concepts naturally come from experience. Growing up I moved around a lot but originally raised in Brooklyn I always loved the excitement of the fast paced lifestyle. I seen a lot and been through a lot so I put that in my music. As a woman, a hustler, a mother, I pour that all into my artistry.
4.Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Gods willing I’ll have my own successful indie label. I want to be know for everything from acting, singing, visual artist & directing of some sort. Yeah I see something big in 5 years.
5. Who are your music influences?
Of course my influences would be Lil Kim and Foxy Brown without a doubt. I watched them & embodied them. Especially how they embrace the hardcore raw sexiness of hip hop but still that female you don’t want to fuck with. I also love Lauryn Hill. She definitely influenced me not only by her music but because of her spirituality which I’m big on.
6. If you can do a song with any artist who would it be with and why?
Lol, Drake. I’m sure everyone would love a feature by him. He’s just fucking awesome I can relate to him on so many different levels. Then he rocks with Jamaica hard & I’m proud Jamaican lol it’s just too much to explain.
7. What is your thoughts on the current state of hip hop?
I feel hip hop is fine… To be honest. It’s the people and the media who really have to help get new artist out there. There is so much talent we just have to find it.
8.How do u separate your style from other artist?
I’m not trying to be hyper sexualized nor the baddest or sexiest in the game. I’m trying to be the best. My style is just RAW Hip hop in a male dominated game and I’m like FUCK EM?! Ya know? I’m speaking for the females that’s out there doing the same shit dudes are doing and grinding just as hard if not harder. I’m talking making sacrifices for family. That is why my style different cause.
9. What is your ultimate goal you wish to achieve thru your music?
I just want to empower. I say a lot of outrageous shit in my music but if you listen deeply I really just want all my females to unite to really make a difference in hip hop across the world! SHOUTOUTS to Kim, Foxy, & even Nicki Minaj for paving the way for females like myself. Nyemiah Supreme & Tink as well are making a statement in the culture now. Go for your dreams no matter where your from your race, sex or sexual orientation. Go for what you want because I’m going for mines!
10. Where can Hip Hop Breath subscribers find your music & is do you have any shout outs?
You can find my music at www.soundcloud.com/siddystreetz & me on instagram SIDDY STREETZ. I’m also releasing a video for my latest song « Hu$tle Gang » so definitely look out for that! I just want to thank God for with him everything is possible. Julius Stukes for always being there for me Teardropz @ Hall of Fame Studios for being a dope ass engineer and just anybody who’s been rooting for me NUFF RESPECT! Big up ya self.
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