[Interview] with 050 BOYZ (Riq Da Kid, Tru Trilla, Prince AK)

Direction le New Jersey avec un trio composé de Riq Da Kid, Tru Trilla et Prince AK qui forme le groupe 050 Boyz. Nous avons profité de la sortie de leur album « Everything 050 », dans les bacs le 4 août, pour leurs demander de nous parler de ce nouveau projet, et de nous lâcher quelques infos.. bé oui on est comme ça chez HHB!


  • Hello 050 Boyz.  For those who might be a little unfamiliar with the name, tell us a little about yourselves. Who’s in the group, where are you from and when did you start out in hip hop?

Riq da Kid – I’m Riq Da Kid from « Illtown »(East Orange) William Street & « BrickCity » (Newark) 4th Avenue so I call it « illCity ».  We’re 050 Boyz, myself, TruTrilla and Prince AK. I wrote my first rap at age 11 and 050 Boyz are a triple threat, dynamic, Jersey based group bringing you that new hiphop boom bap street gritty sound that’s also fun to listen to.

Tru Trilla – We are 050 Boyz, a group based out of New Jersey bringing those pure skillful flows and concepts, untainted for the world. Prince AK, Tru Trilla, Riq da Kid, but we have a lot of warriors and queens who are in our movement. Shout out to Naughty Nation! We’re from Brick City, Catacombs, East Orange, and I started out on the mic since the late 80s / early 90s

Prince AK – I’m Prince AK. Me, Tru Trilla & Riq da Kid are from New Jersey.  I started out in the 90’s, and was a hype man for Flavor Unit’s Supreme C.

  • You are a group, but you also all have solo careers.  How did you all meet, and tell us about how the group was formed.

Riq da Kid – I met Tru Trilla through Prince AK. Me and Prince AK started to work together after we met during the Garden State Greats movement in 2004. We said we would help each other when one of us got the ball rolling. He called me to be a part of a project he was working on and needed me on a couple of songs. One of the songs featured DoitAll (Lords of the Underground) who was building a new studio and wanted me to do engineering work. I agreed, so I would record the guys and write at the same time for new records DoitAll was doing. The guys asked Prince AK about me, he gave the co-sign and my relationship grew naturally with Tru and the others from there.

Tru Trilla –  Me and Prince AK are from the same hood, Newark, Brick City. I met Riq da Kid maybe 4 or 5 years ago, but he told me he’d always heard of me through my group It’s Only Family being part of the Garden State Greats movement.  The group was formed through Prince AK, and my bro Fee came with the name 050 Boyz. 050 is Jersey’s numerical code

Prince AK – Well me & Tru Trilla are from the same neighborhood & I first met Riq da Kid when I was doing music with Treach from Naughty by Nature. The group was formed in 2012 when I called Tru & I told Riq da Kid I was coming to get him once I put all the rest of the pieces together.

  • Tell us about your new album « Everything 050 ».  How did you decide on the title and also who to have as the various featured artists and producer?

Riq da Kid – The production by Clinton Place was due to Prince AK’s relationship with him. « Everything 050 »  was going be a mixtape initially, where we would showcase up and coming artists and more experienced artists together, but it was so good we formatted it to become an album. Tru Trilla would always say « Everything Jersey!! » And the album became that, a big Jersey hip hop sound. Jersey artists, Jersey movement, but instead of the word « Jersey », we used our name which is NJ’s numerical code, « 0-5-0 »

Tru Trilla – « Everything 050 » means « everything Jersey ».  It’s a saying I came up with while branding ourselves. So it was only right we named the album as such. Plus all the featured artists and the producer Clinton Place are from Jersey, so we’re bringing you our identity and state of mind

Prince AK – « Everything 050 » is our debut album that has an originality that will take you back to the feel of the Golden Era. The title basically lets you know that « everything is Jersey ».  The featured artists, well Treach, DoItAll they’re like family, and all the others are from Jersey in keeping with the album’s title.


  • So how far back does your connection go with Clinton Place, how did you first get to know him and have you worked with him on other projects?

Riq da Kid – My relationship with him was built from Prince AK introducing him to me, but yes he will do other projects with us

Tru Trilla – In my area, my man Mark had a studio and he was well connected. I used to see all of them come through there, Big Gov Matic, Diesel tha Don, Clinton Place, Lakim Shabazz, Chill Rob G and Apache. But Prince AK is the one who made the project happen with Clinton as he knew him from way back. This our first time working with him, and God willing not the last. Salute to the warrior, straight up !!

Prince AK – Well me & Clinton go back to 1995 when he was my man Supreme C’s dj.  Back then he was known as DJ Jamal #9 and so we’d perform live together with me as hype man. So we go back at least 20 years, and I got in touch with him again about producing the new album.

  • How long did it take you to make the album?  What was the most challenging aspects in terms of putting together the concepts and then recording?

Riq da Kid – Recording was the easy part. Prince AK had a few ideas, but myself and Tru took the lead in concepts and composing for about 50% each of the album. But altogether, with business and preparation, it took almost a year to complete

Tru Trilla – It didn’t really take us long, we really were ahead of the game just through the trials and tribulations of life. So we had plenty to write about, we stayed on the path and fixed anything as we went along.

Prince AK – For me, too long Lol ! Our main issue was timing & taking the right approach on making music that’s out the box because we work great together.

  • Were there any particular inspirations for you in making this album, and in a wider sense, what else acts as your biggest motivational factors?

Riq da Kid – The motivation is and was simple, putting on a show for Jersey, for each other, and for our families

Tru Trilla – To bring you great music well done. No microwave hiphop is allowed !

Prince AK – My main inspiration was to get Jersey back heard and respected, and to show my own town that it can happen for us all.

  • Do each of you have a favorite track from the album?  If so, which one and why?

Riq da Kid – Mine would be Hot Damn, Keep Calm, Let’s Talk About it. I dont know, a lot lol

Tru Trilla – I love all of them, I really have no favorites. Straight up !!

Prince AK – I don’t have a favorite if I’m being honest, too hard to pick one.

  • From the days you started out rapping, which artists would you say you learned the most from, those who influenced you the most in developing your own style?

Riq da Kid – Treach, Biggie, Jay-Z, Nas, Rakim, Kool G Rap, LL Cool J, Lox, Run DMC, Big Daddy Kane

Tru Trilla – Lakim Shabazz, Rakim, Nas, AZ, GZA, Raekwon, Ghostface, 2PAC, Beanie Sigel

Prince AK – Treach, Doitall, my whole cypher told me just be me.

050 - 09sml

  • What has been your best experience to date in the rap game?

Riq da Kid – Treach and SU taking me to Hot 97. I remember destroying Kayslay’s show lol, and touring with Naughty by Nature as part of the Garden State Greats

Tru Trilla – So many, but I would say performing for Uncle Ice T along with Smooth da Hustler and his brother Trigger .

Prince AK – Without doubt, going to China to perform with Treach.

  • Anything else you would like to say to our readers in France?

Riq da Kid – Make sure, August 4th, y’all go get « Everything 050 » on iTunes and Amazon!.

Tru Trilla – Big Ups to Hip Hop Breath and much respect to France and all your readers!! August 4th, « Everything 050 » drops.  Please support pure hip hop!

Prince AK – For sure, if you love real hip hop, go buy « Everything 050 » on 4th August.

Thank you 050 Boyz for taking the time to speak with us.

Riq da Kid – Thank Y’all. Salute!! Shout out HipHop Breath and much love to France. 050dat!

Tru Trilla – Salute!!

Prince AK – Appreciate you reachin out from France and for the support.


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