[Interview] Lo Thraxx

Le rappeur d’Arkansas Lo Thraxx revient chez nous en interview. Il nous parle de son dernier projet Sharkansas, de son travaille sur un nouveau projet en préparation, de ses collaborations..
lo thraxx lo x
  • Hello Lo Thraxx first of all: How are you?

I’m good, getting ready for a few shows and working on my new stuff constantly.

  • We would like to return on your last project « Sharkansas ». Can you tell us about your choice of collaborations and productions?

Sharkansas was produced by (Potent, Kage Roxx, Raz Fresco, Trackk Soundz, Tha Audio Unit, and a few more people) and I have features from (Dough boy, Roosh Williams, Raz Fresco, Curtis Williams, The 6Th Letter) you can get it now at Lothraxx.com!

lo thraxx xx
  • Are you working on a new project? Can you tell us a little about? Have you a release date? Have you an idea on producers, artists, and the overall concept and style that you want to listen to?

I just released $harkansas the mixtape you can get that @ lothraxx.com NOW. I’ll be dropping new music this summer also and traveling more doing shows around the U.S. 

  • Since you started rapping, which artist did you learn the most?

I really paid attention to drake when I was starting out and made sure I made music with substance and depth. I kind of compared my stuff to his…rap Drake tho. Not R&B Drake.


  • In all your songs, have you a favorite song? Which one? Why?

I love Slow Favors. I guess because it’s a real chill song and you can play that at any party and any time of the day. Turn up.

  • What is your best experience in the rap game?

Meeting people who truly support and listen to my music. Meeting those people keep me motivated.

5374746556_5f02fa3d04 - lo thraxx
  • Turning to recent high profile cases of racial tensions in the United States, particularly involving the police and the black community, do you feel artists in the States should address this more and speak out more openly and publicly? Or is it your opinion that many of the well known artists there already take a strong stance against what is happening?  Do you have any thoughts on how these problems may be resolved?

I feel like we should speak out since we have a fan base and a voice we can at least keep people aware. And honestly I think minorities really have to stand strong and take what we want if nobody is going to give it to us. BUT in better more efficient ways. 

  • Anything you want to say?
Live life happy. Do what makes you happy. Peace LoThraxx.com

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