[Interview] Nyzzy Nyce #LostInLA

Rencontre avec le emcee d’Indiana Nyzzy Nyce. Il nous parle de son nouveau projet intitulé « Lost In Los Angeles », des ses collaborations, ses projets, ses pensées, …

nyzzy 1

Hello Nyzzy, first of all: How are you?

I’m doing very well I recently relocated to the fast pace city, Los Angeles . I have been here about a year and I’m loving the weather and the creative minds around these parts..

Your song “SUPERSTAR” is in the movie Get Hard, How was it done?

Yes! It was, I have a distribution deal with 3D out of New York. They helped land that placement along with many others. Great group of guys to work with!

nyzzy lost in la

“Lost In Los Angeles” coming soon, Where and when was the idea conceived, how long was it in the making?

LOST IN LOS ANGELES will be released on June 16, 2015. I came up with the tittle after I arrived in LA, I was literally lost haha. After moving to a new big city, I knew I was going to grow and be able to expand my music . It took me about 5 months to actually record and pick all the songs for the mixtape.

How did you choose the producers and featured artists and what was the overall concept in terms of subject matter and musical style?

I always start off by working with Twigg which is my producer in Canada. That always sets the tone for the tapes. Then I reach out to other producers if I come across a beat I am vibing with. I haven’t really dug into the featured artist lane because I”m focusing on letting people get familiar with just  me and my sound.  My music is very motivational and harmonic also there is a more witty and in your face side.  I’m young we still let the good times roll so you can see that in my music !

nyzzy 2

Looking back from the point you started out, what would you say has been your best moment to date?

I would have to say that being on MTV Jams was a big one for me. I would always watch the show as a kid. So being on it was a amazing feeling.

What do you think of the current rap?

I think Rap music  nowadays is cool, but I love all music. Not only rap I listen to anything from Maroon 5 to Calvin Harris good music is good music to me.

Anything you want to say?

Hey, I appreciate you checking in on me and the HMG team. I just want to say I appreciate all the love and support I have been getting from all my fans. We will keep putting out good music. Never settle and don’t be afraid to stand up for what want to become in life I’m Out .. Nyzzy.

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