[Interview] Rapper Big Pooh

Direction Raleigh en Caroline du Nord avec Big Pooh. Retour sur « Words Paint Pictures », sa collaboration avec Apollo Brown, sa signature sur Mello Music, les incidents qui ont touché la communauté noire aux USA, son projet à venir avec Nottz…

Hello Big Pooh, how are you?

I’m good thanks for asking.

We would like to return to your start on Mello Music Group. Can you tell us?

I had been in talks for a few years about doing a project over at Mello Music. We were finally able to put something together in 2013.

rapper big pooh apollo brown hhb

Your first EP With Mello MG “Words Paint Pictures” is produced by Apollo Brown, can you tell us about this connection? Why did you get that name?

It originally was supposed to be an EP that featured all of the in-house producers at Mello Music. Once Apollo heard the first song I did, he let me know that he wanted to do the whole EP. Apollo and I had spoke about doing an album together before.

The name Words Paint Pictures represents what I wanted to do with this project. I leaned more on story telling. I was painting pictures with the descriptions and detail of each of song.

words paint pictures vinyl big pooh

In your track “Kings” Lute say: “Whole lot of followers, a lot less leading/When you niggas gonna realize you can’t hashtag freedom?” Do you think artists should be more involved in the incidents that are taking place, and unfortunately persist between black people and the police in the United States?

Artist aren’t required to speak about and take a stand on social issues. I do feel it’s my duty as a black man in America to speak on things that I see as wrong. Everything I speak out against isn’t necessarily rooted in racism. Classism is a big problem too.

We are in 2015… Do you believe that this problem will disappear someday?

I do not. Change can be made but change takes time. Change takes a lot of time.

rapper big pooh pic fb hhb

You had to make an album in collaboration with producer Nottz. Is this still a current project?

This project is still coming. The world should have it by the end of the year.

Anything you want to say?

Thank you to those that have been rocking with me since day one, whether your day one started in 2003 or today. You make a lot of this possible. Thank you. Words Paint Pictures produced by Apollo Brown available now.

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